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Helping sporting goods manufacturers be profitable while caring for the planet we want to enjoy with their products and services.

We align your strategy, practices, and technology to enable you to succeed and grow your business in a sustainable way.

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Market and climate disruptions bring inevitable challenges for your people, processes, and systems.  Keeping up with what comes next is demanding and requires a wide set of skills. 

The Symptoms

You want an environmentally sustainable business but don't know how to start

Sustainability is a complex topic. The key is to focus on what is vital for your business and stakeholders.  We help you narrow down what is essential, so you can be profitable while positively impacting the planet.

You have competing priorities and don't know where to focus

Changing business needs can feel overwhelming.  We help you cut through the noise to advance your goals.

Your focus is your product and don’t know when or how to get your operation ready

When do you need to bring extra hands?  How many? What metrics are important?   We guide you through the must-haves of your operation, the non-negotiables.

You implemented basic sustainable practices and don't know if they make a difference

Understanding the impact of our activities is essential to making the right business decisions.  We help you map out the actions needed for your company to provide value to your customers and the impact these have on your profit and the planet.

Your technology tools are not helping as they should

Business teams are looking for ways to do their jobs more efficiently bringing their own applications.  Without the proper guardrails, cost and information security risks increase.   We can help.

You don’t know if you can sustain the current pace of growth

Teams across the organization are growing – more people, more processes, more communication.  We help you create a holistic view of your operation and its complexity, and the roadmap to improve your business agility.

Our Solution

At Evolution Consulting Group, we have extensive experience helping organizations like yours create a balanced ecosystem of people, processes, and data, maximizing your business results while positively impacting the planet and communities where you operate.

We start by considering your organization's unique traits, your business landscape, and your current impact.  Then we craft a tailored approach showing you the road to achieving your goals.


Hear what people are saying about us

"ECG has provided the Agile process leadership and support to grow at a pace that works for us.   We have appreciated their knowledge and flexibility. We have considered ECG as part of our team and hope to continue that partnership in the future."

Scaled Agile (SAFe) Implementation

Mike Gilmore  |  AD Software Engineering,  Quanterix

As your advisor and trusted partner, we help you build an adaptive and sustainable organization to achieve your business goals

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