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Our passion lies on enabling leaders and teams so they can make their mark on this world

We are technology and process-optimization professionals who help leaders streamline their business and IT operations, improve predictability of project and product delivery, and foster better utilization of systems. Our mission is to enable teams to bring the best out of themselves and achieve their goals. We use our skill set to empower leaders to build high-performing teams and operations that scale.

Our Core Values


We treat and look after our customer's organization as if it was our own.  Your success is our success.


We respect and value everyone,

co-workers and customers alike, regardless of gender, race, or background.


We believe in the value of bridging communication gaps to foster relationships at all levels of an organization.


There is the notion that processes are rigid and heroic efforts are needed to be profitable and successful as an organization; however, there are better ways.  I created ECG to help teams be more efficient by infusing diversity of thought into the way processes, project methodologies, and applications are implemented, thus making more effective operations a reality. 


We collaborate with the people in the creation of solutions that best fit the organization and help them transition to the new way of work.

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Eloisa Marquez-Gonzalez

Founder & Principal Consultant

Every year, a percent of our profits are donated to organizations that are working to better our society and world.

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