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Eloisa Marquez-Gonzalez

Founder and Principal Consultant

My passion lies in enabling businesses to work better and smarter while bringing humanity to technology.  I’m a technology- and process-optimization professional who helps organizations streamline their business and IT operations, improve the predictability of their project and product delivery, and better utilize their systems.  I have extensive experience managing complex global projects and programs using both Agile and Waterfall methodologies. I have Agile, PMP, and Six Sigma certifications and use these skills and experiences to build operations that scale, turn around struggling teams, and drive initiatives to successful completion.

My experience bridging the communication gap between business and technical teams allows me to develop trusted relationships at all levels of an organization. I drive toward execution while managing change to help individuals through a successful transition and the realization of desired business outcomes.


Contact me to discuss how we can help strengthen your business operations.

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